I’m Chris,

Perhaps were drawn to this site because of your connection with intuition and spirit. Since I was a kid, I’ve always felt interested and connected with this aspect our human experience. With a piece of yOrb® artwork, I plunge deep into the essence of spirit—and your unique expression of it—and in turn create a beautiful piece of artwork you’ll cherish.

I express my soul in all the artwork I create. However, a yOrb® is much more. It’s a reflection of your essence. As I paint, we connect in spirit and the resulting art is deeply personal. Just like you are unique, no two yOrbs® are alike.




What people are saying about yOrbs®

About others’ yOrbs®:

  • “SOOOO you!”
  • “Yes it is you. Beautiful.”

About their own yOrb®:

  • “This made me feel totally beautiful.”
  • “Thank you for painting the ‘Soul’ of our work….beautiful!”
  • “Wonderful!”