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A yOrb® is an artful co-creation that captures your energetic essence in a lovely, transcendent piece of art. Owning a yOrb® honors the part of you that is connected to spirit. It is ethereal and perfect. Take a look at the testimonials below to see what others say about the experience of commissioning a yOrb®.

Perfect for the person who has everything, yOrbs® make wonderful gifts for others (or a gift to yourself.)

How does the process work?

Very little is expected of you when you commission a yOrb® of yourself (or as a gift). Just answer a few questions and share a photo that you like of the person to be represented in the yOrb®. You don’t need to be present when I create your artwork. However, you and I can have a chat, in-person or by phone prior to me starting the artwork.

When I sit down to create your art piece, I go into quiet contemplation. I start seeing colors and patterns form in my mind’s eye. I use my passion for vibrant colors and a very loose, ethereal style to create your soul’s image and capture it in a yOrb®. Sometimes I use special materials like metallic powders and other surprises!

What do you receive?

Your own energetic essence imprint as a custom watercolor painting on 140# cold press watercolor paper. This original 8″x10” piece of art is signed by me and matted to a finished size of 11”x14”…ready for framing. The yOrb’s® matting, backing, and packaging are all acid-free materials to preserve the colors of your yOrb® and protect it during transport. I also include a Meaning of Colors sheet, plus written feedback about my experience of intuitively connecting during the creative process.

Given the profoundly intuitive nature of this artwork, I focus on only one to two yOrbs® a month.

This unique yOrb® portrait experience for one figure is $200, plus any applicable taxes and shipping.

If you’re interested in a couples or family yOrb® portrait, please give me a holler.


You’re interested? Here’s how to order

  • Fill out the online Order Form to and answer a few questions
  • Upload your photo
  • Reserve your spot by making a 50% deposit.

Here’s an example – straight from a happy yOrb® recipient

I own three of Chris’s yOrbs®. One I bought because it was beautiful. The second one was my own personal one (see below). It is magnificent. I was amazed that someone saw that kind of beauty in me. Then I remember what a friend said to me about accepting such a compliment. She says you should say “thank you, I know.” So I did and everyday I try to share that beautiful part of me with others so that they might see their beauty within.

“Maureen” – Watercolor and Metallic Powders on Watercolor Paper
“Maureen” – Watercolor and Metallic Powders on Watercolor Paper

She also did a yOrb® of my two sisters and I, she caught our differences so beautifully. Most of all she caught the great love we have for one another. Thank you Chris for finding such a personal and beautiful way too share your great talent. Love you Maureen.


Maureen’s yOrb®

Maureen is actively on a spiritual path. She also likes rocks and stones a little bit. Well, a whole lot. So when I quieted my mind, and waited for the ideas and visual images to come, the message received was that her yOrb® needed to include a metallic element.

Maureen’s Reaction

When she received her finished yOrb®, she shared with me, “This made me feel totally beautiful.” As the artist I was complimented of course, but what really filled my heart was being able to reflect Maureen’s soulful beauty back to her. It’s a divine honor.

Featured in Soul Woman Magazine

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Any unanswered questions?

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Personal yOrbs®Created by Chris Blevins, The Unexpected Artist

Learn more about Chris and see more of her non-yOrb® artwork at her Chris Blevins Watercolors website.

Kris Yorb, Chris BlevinsMichelle Yorb, Chris Blevins

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